Left to Right:  Club President Jim Crimedas, Pastor Tim Reimer, Rev. Sarah Miller, Rabbi Mariam Margles, Rev. Jim Parker.
At our lunch on May 4th, 2017, we listened intently to the thoughts of four religious leaders in the Toronto East community and were left with a special thought from each.
The broad societal issues that were raised by the religious leaders and where, we as a Club, can continue to contribute, are:
Poverty, housing for the marginalized, homelessness, hunger and food security, clean water, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, welcoming spaces for the transgender and LGBTQ community, safe havens for youth, mental health, individual isolation, refugee sponsorship and Indigenous rights.
Rev. Sarah Miller, Eastminster United Church - through advocacy and coalitions, spaces can become inclusive for all communities.
Pastor Tim Reimer, Danforth Mennonite Church -through peace and truth, inclusion and social bonds can be build.
Rabbi Miriam Margles, Danforth Jewish Circle - every act of loving kindness builds a better world.
Rev. Jim Parker, Bethany Baptist Church - by living with compassion, instead of blame, and things will get better.