Toronto (March 31, 2020) – The kids are at home from school and so many parents are struggling to keep them entertained. Under normal circumstances, parents enjoying spending time with their kids on weekends, planning family outings, projects and gatherings that make the weekends whiz by. During this pandemic, parents are working from home and already stressed about the situation, trying to keep their kids busy all day, every day is a daily challenge.
The Toronto East Rotary club is trying to provide a helping hand with both an educational and entertaining interactive literacy program. The Free Reading Program (FRP) is an effective online literacy program for early readers and English Language Learners around the world. The FRP provides a robust Kindergarten to grade 6 level Reading program and includes over 3,600 interactive reading, spelling and grammar lessons. Children use a computer or tablet, that they are already so comfortable using, to learn in a fun way. It becomes like a game! The parents are able to track their progress and see areas where they excel and where they need more work. Parents report that it has even helped children with autism and dyslexia.
For a number of years, Toronto East Rotary has been a proud sponsor of the Free Reading Program (FRP) It's available at no charge to anyone with an internet connection and a computer or tablet. They are encouraging all parents to log on and help their kids learn in a fun and interactive way.
The Toronto East Rotary Club (TERC) has been active since 1965 with the goal of making a difference in the Toronto East community by offering financial and hands-on assistance to those in need. From providing financial assistance for breakfast programs for school children in inner city schools to helping with ecological projects and tree planting in the Don Valley, from delivering Christmas Meals on Wheels for seniors to acting as Holiday Angels for newcomers to Canada, from supporting programs for youth at East York Strategy and St. Jamestown Youth Centre to preparing casseroles for the Good Shepherd, to supporting the Riverdale Share community concert, to preparing meals at the Bethany Baptist Food Bank, the Toronto East Rotary Club has been involved.
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