Below is a letter sent to our "Toronto East Jokers" team who participated in the Rotary HIV/AIDS and Community Health Walk:
Dear Toronto East Jokers,
Thank you for your participation in the 2020 Rotary HIV/AIDS and Community Health Walk. We have surpassed many expectations, currently sitting at $23,000 raised. We had over 100 participants sign up on the website and over 300 individuals submit a donation. What an amazing achievement!
In addition, we had 23 teams submit walk videos and a total 111 walkers featured! The link to the video along with presentations from Joanne Ashley, Beth Selby, Mark Chipman, Feed Ontario, Stephen Lewis Foundation, People with AIDS foundation, Shelterbox, and Latinos Positivos can all be found using the following link!
We will keep the lines open for donations a little longer in case the video inspires your community to keep fundraising!
Thank you so much for your continued support. Remember that 75% of what you raised comes back to you also your team can support your choice of HIV/AIDS and/or community health based organization (must be a registered Canadian charity). We'd love to know who you choose to support!
Nick Ryall
Chair, 2020 Rotary HIV/AIDS and Community Health Walk