We are pleased to announce our Christmas fundraiser. We will be selling smoked hams, 100% pure maple syrup and Baumkuchen cake which you can give to your friends and colleagues. For you as a business person, they make great gifts for clients, associates and employees.


Maple Syrup for Sale


Maple syrup and pancakes are as famous a pair as peanut butter and jelly, but this sweet condiment is more than just a sugary treat. Maple syrup has antioxidant minerals and important health properties that are now being embraced by more and more people. It works beautifully in many recipes, so consider making it maple for dinner rather than just for breakfast.


Great holiday gifts for clients, or hostess gifts throughout the year!


The 100% Maple Syrup, made in Haliburton, Ontario


Syrup Prices :

Basque Bottle (250 ml) $10

Maple Leaf Bottle (250 ml) $15

Tonda Bottle (250 ml) $15


Baumkuchen Cakes for Sale

What is a Baumkuchen cake?The Baumkuchen has earned its reputation as the "King of Cakes." This German specialty gets it name, which translates literally as Tree Cake, from the many thin rings that form layer upon layer of cake – resembling the rings of a tree. Our cakes are prepared by Moon Shadows Winery and are infused with maple sugar desert wine.

Cake Prices :

Small (100 gm) - $15.

Large (225 gm) - $25


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