How Australia Dealt With Covid
Apr 08, 2021 12:30 PM
Anne Chellingworth
How Australia Dealt With Covid

Anne Chellingworth talks about life & COVID in Australia.

Anne's Bio:

I was born in Chester, England but have been fortunate to live my life in primarily 3 countries.

My formative years were in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  At aged 19 I travelled to England, working there for several years until emigrating to Canada in 1970.

The first 10 years were spent in Montreal, Canada. In my last 5 years there, I worked with Harold Greenberg in Astral Film Productions.  My role was Assistant to Harold and Public Relations Co-ordinator.  During my time with Astral they produced such movies as “Porky’s”; “City on Fire and “A Man called Intrepid” a TV mini-series starring David Niven & Michael York. 

I assisted Harold each year organising parties for the Montreal World Film Festival and the Toronto Internal Film Festival and prepared information packs for Investors.

I also had the opportunity to visit several film sets both in Montreal ‘City on Fire” where I met Henry Fonda and Shelley Winters and Mobile, Alabama where we were filming “Death Ship” starring Richard Crenna and George Kennedy.

I left Montreal and Astral after the birth of my daughter when we moved to Toronto and then later after the birth of my son, we moved to Ottawa. 

In 1988 we relocated to Wellington, New Zealand.   In 1999 I took a role in the Financial Services industry.  Initially on a project differentiating service for Financial Advisers and then as an Executive Assistant.

After my divorce in 2002 I moved to Brisbane, Australia.  I stayed in the Financial Services industry and moved into an Event organiser role with a large Insurance Company.

My daughter who represented NZ in the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne now lives with her husband and 2 children in Melbourne, Australia. My son returned to Toronto Canada in 2012, where he still resides and works in the film industry as an Editor.