On April 13 the TERC had an engaging and stimulating presentation by Angela Simo Brown and Sam Yacob of Children First Canada. The full PowerPoint presentation is available here. They not only addressed the glaring need for more national attention to the poor situation experienced by all too many children in Canada today, they also indicated ways in which we as individuals can assist Children First Canada in addressing these needs.
First, they urged us to join their campaign to have the federal Government create a National Children’s Commissioner. One can obtain a Campaign Toolkit at www.childrenfirstcanada.com. They also encouraged us to look for local, controllable needs within our own community where we can make a difference in a tangible way. Ms. Simo Brown is going to consult with the CFC CEO, Sara Austin, to put together some ideas and options for our Club. We look forward to a continued contact between CFC and TERC.
Our meeting was opened with an invocation by Karen Somerville reminding us of the importance of learning from our elders who are all too quickly leaving us. Karen’s mother, Jean Somerville, passed away this week. This was further highlighted by Joe Runza who presented the President with a memorial Vimy pin.
President Cremidas reminded members who wished to attend the District Assembly on May 13 to let him know. The Club will cover the fee.