Update From Bethany Baptist
May 13, 2021 12:30 PM
Jim Parker & Parish Youth
Update From Bethany Baptist

Jim Parker has been pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in East York since 1996. Jim is also an active member of the Pape Village BIA, and is Founder and Chairperson of East York Strategy -- a collaborative effort to reduce crime and create good in our neighbourhood through providing positive activities with positive people for the youth in our community. Jim has also coordinated Bethany's Food Bank since 2013, including serving three times as many clients each week during Covid. Jim lives in East York with his wife and three daughters, and enjoys cheering on the Jays and taking rides on his jetski.

He will talk about the experiences serving food bank clients during Covid, as well as trying to positively engage the youth in our community through these challenging times.  We will also hear from a couple of people who have been directly impacted for good by our Rotary Club’s support of their food bank.