Join us  Thursday (October 26, 2017) when our guest speaker will be Jennifer Boyd. 
Jennifer has been the District Chair for World Polio Day since 2012. Since then, she along with fellow Rotarians have been able to raise awareness to the public through many media outlets and by lightening up both the CN Tower and Toronto Sign at Toronto City Hall Red, Yellow and White on World Polio Day. Jennifer will be speaking about the push for the next 3 years and the efforts to eradication this disease from the world completely.  She will explain why it is so important to continue to contribute and where the funds go. She will share her experience of participating in National Immunization Day and how important these days are to eradicating this disease.  Along with highlighting the successes of World Polio Day 2017, she'll outline the goals for 2018.  
We meet at Whistlers Restaurant located at 995 Broadview Ave, East York, ON M4K 2S1.  Our luncheon starts at 12:30pm and we hope you can attend to hear Jennifer on Thursday, October 26, 2017.