Stella’s Place - Mental health Services for Young Adults
Sep 30, 2021 12:30 PM
Dagmar Schroeder & Samantha Ledamun
Stella’s Place - Mental health Services for Young Adults

Dagmar Schroeder

Dagmar Schroeder is the Communications, Marketing and Stewardship Manager at Stella’s Place and the staff liaison for the Family Advisory Council. Dagmar has three young adult sons and joined Stella’s Place five years ago, when one of them was struggling with anxiety and depression. Stella’s Place had just opened its doors in downtown Toronto and Dagmar saw firsthand the impact of a community-based, young-adult centred, holistic and strength-based model of mental health care. It is what our young people desperately need. Dagmar is a committed advocate and fundraiser for Stella's Place. Her work is guided by passion and compassion and the belief that positive change is possible one person at a time.

Samantha Ledamun

Samantha is 27 years old and has been a participant at Stella’s Place for 4 years, graduating from DBT group therapy & a member of the Young Adult Council (YAC) for 2 years. She states the following “when I found Stella’s Place I was not living my truth. I wasn’t as open to speaking my story as I am with the support from Stella’s Place. After completing my DBT therapy, I then went on to finishing my first college diploma & have returned to further my education. I moved into my first apartment, I started my own business, I received the proper mental health treatment I am deserving of & needed, and I even found my true authentic self. Thanks to Stella’s I am comfortable living unmedicated & using the skills I was taught in times of need. As a member of YAC, I strive to make young adult mental health more openly talked about, accepted & help make it easier for young adults to receive the help they also deserve.”