Feb 18, 2021 12:30 PM
Rachel Solomon
Giving Blood During The Lockdown

Rachel Solomon from Canadian Blood Services will talk to us about getting donors during this stay at home order.  She will share how we can help and what their current needs are during the Pandemic.

Rachel Solomon, Event Coordinator in Toronto. I have been in the role for almost two years, previously volunteering for the organization. My typical role is to recruit new blood donors into our clinics and make sure all blood donation events in Toronto run smoothly. I am extremely passionate about Canadian Blood Services and the work we do here as I recently had a family member require a lifesaving blood transfusion. That gave me a whole new outlook on my job and a greater appreciation for everything we do at Canadian Blood Services. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for blood donation with everyone around me.  

Candian Blood Services

The role of Canadian Blood Services is to provide lifesaving products and services in transfusion and transplantation for Canadian patients, and to safeguard Canada's systems of life essentials in blood, plasma, stem cells, and organs and tissues. To ensure we can continue to meet the needs of patients in Canada, we need everyone who is healthy to book and keep their blood donation appointment for weeks and months ahead. We remain open throughout the pandemic to provide essential products for patients in need. There are over 5,000 appointments to be filled across Canada this month.