Providing A Media Platform To Elevate The Voice Of The Marginalized And Disenfranchised
Jan 20, 2022 12:30 PM
Dahne Jobson, The Toronto Community Media Network
Providing A Media Platform To Elevate The Voice Of The Marginalized And Disenfranchised

Dahne Jobson is the Founder & Executive Director of the Toronto Community Media Network.

She has been in the Entertainment Industry since she was four years old; appearing in television commercials, such as Del Monte Pudding, Skippy Peanut Butter, and a national campaign for Roundtree’s Macintosh Toffee – ‘Just give the pack a whack Jack!’ 

Dahne’s professional career in the industry has been varied.  A Communications professional and  Media Account Executive, she has worked for Media Express Advertising Agency, managing the DreamWorks, Columbia Pictures, and 20th Century Fox accounts. While at CBC in the Sales and Marketing Department, she managed other top drawer accounts, such as Pepsi, Clorox, and Bayer. 

Dahne has also been involved with Toronto’s cultural film festival scene. While working at The Toronto International Film Festival, as one of the festival's Volunteer Managers, she supported TIFF’s outreach program by creating communiqués geared toward volunteer recruitment and promotion of diversity initiatives. While at the Reel World Film Festival, Dahne provided mentorship to volunteers and interns, including the extension of their intern program to include high school students.

Rounding out her impressive professional credentials, Dahne also has many years of experience in Writing, Professional Speaking, Corporate and Retail Advertising/Marketing/Sales.

In her current position as Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit, the Toronto Media Network, Dahne draws on her personal focus on social issues and continued professional development to help usher in a democratic, community-centric, media platform to elevate the voices of Toronto’s marginalized and disenfranchised, encourage diverse conversations and provide a safe space to foster differing points of view.

A long-time social entrepreneur, Dahne published the community magazine, The Village Press Magazine. The focus of the magazine was to cast a spotlight on the people and places in the small world around her. This was manifest in the magazine’s most popular feature, The’ Neighbours’ section, which showcased interviews with local residents where readers got to know a little more about the family living next door.

A 2016 Black Canadian Role Model Honours Inductee, Dahne strives to continue her social mission to connect, inform, inspire and transform. 

A mother of two, Dahne credits her sons for being the wind beneath her wings.